Elevating San Francisco Bay Area businesses towards operational excellence with the promotion of people-centric leadership, lean concepts and continuous improvement. 

Is your company located in the San Francisco Bay Area and committed to continuous improvement? Are you seeking ways to accelerate your improvement journey, deliver better value to your customers, and engage your workforce? Join the AME San Francisco Bay Area Consortium today and become part of a collaborative learning network of local companies that are committed to performance excellence and collaborative learning. Established in 2017, the AME San Francisco Bay Area Consortium brings together diverse companies and their leaders to share, learn, and grow together.

Consortium membership is open to companies from any industry (manufacturing, health care, financial services, software, distribution, information technology, and more) with a desire to share and learn to become part of this practitioner-to-practitioner network. Leverage collective resources and knowledge and improve your approach to improvement!

For more information about the AME San Francisco Bay Area Consortium, contact Katie Anderson at or 650-796-0581. Interested in joining? Get an introduction to the AME San Francisco Bay Area Consortium and learn more about the benefits, offerings and more.


Industry 4.0 Roundtable Discussion

July 7th, Noon - 1:00pm

Shawn (Genentech) will be hosting a discussion on Industry 4.0.

Where are you in your digital transformation journey?

Shawn will share the high-level areas we're focusing on in this digital journey. He is also interested to hear what your companies are trying.

Let's examine today’s digital factory as it intersects with technology, Agile ways of working, Operational Excellence engagement, and leadership. Come away with a better understanding of the smart factory and discuss what’s needed to compete, succeed, and thrive in the connected future.

Best Practices for Problem Solving Discussion

August 3rd, Noon - 1:00pm

Jen (Veriflo) will lead a discussion on best practices for problem solving.

​Key discussion topics:

Team engagement

Tools used


Recommendations to excel

Advanced How to Do a Gemba Walk Workshop

August 30th, 10:00 - 1:00

Workshop will be hosted by AME's Michael Bremer. Why do you do gemba walks? Is your organization and leadership team truly benefiting from spending time going to see? The purpose of a walk should change over time as the walker and people in the organization increase their trust levels and learn to communicate in more effective ways. Walks should have a purpose, but it needs to be a meaningful purpose. Lack of a purpose or an inappropriate purpose can cause gemba walks to be a complete waste of time. Learn more about how to use this improvement tool to keep your walks fresh and actions to take that will help you see things tomorrow that you don’t currently see today.


Learn to See the Invisible

Strengths/Weaknesses current Gemba Walk practices

Three levers to improve walks:

1. Clarity of purpose – should be revised over time

2. Questions – learn to ask better questions

3. Practice – makes perfect or at least makes it better

Actions you can take:

A copy of the “How to Do a Gemba Walk” book would be helpful as the book talks about basic steps for doing a good walk. What we will be discussing is beyond just getting started. If I were to do an update to the book, I’d add the information we are going to discuss. 

AME Consortia has a Special Interest Group (SIG) for Healthcare Leaders.

The San Francisco Bay Area and Cleveland Consortia are the founding members and invite their healthcare members and other Consortia members to be part of this new SIG.

Who should participate? Operational Leaders, Business Leaders, CI Leaders & all other healthcare leaders that will find this opportunity valuable.

Areas of interest & benefits:

Email us to join the group and be added to the distribution list for upcoming meeting invites. 


Safety Special Interest Group (hosted by AME St. Louis)

Meets monthly on the 3rd Wednesday - Open invitation to SFBA members

The topic for this meeting is Recordable Injury / OSHA Visit / Brake Press Machine Guarding, hosted by Heather Campbell of Duke Manufacturing. 

Reach out to with any questions or to get access to the Zoom link for this meeting.

Executive Roundtable Series - Present Like a Pro

Event hosted by the AME Cleveland Consortium. Reach out to facilitator Rick Wiltse if you are interested in joining.

As a Lean Leader, we are often called upon to present our Kaizens, six sigma projects, strategic plans, etc. So why not attend the June Executive Roundtable Series, which will feature Cleveland’s own Loree Vick. Some of you may recognize Loree, she is a former news anchor and has worked for both CBS and Fox news affiliates. In Present Like a Pro™…Secrets from Behind the Anchor Desk, Loree will share with us:

Virtual Event from AME - Delivering on Your Commitment to Excellence

Tuesday, September 12th, 9:00am

An organization can only achieve true excellence when all its diverse racial, ethnic, and cultural groups experience the same great results from its offerings.

CultureBrokers calls this “equity.” Let's be honest, most of our systems were not designed with this explicit goal in mind. We must transform them. In this session, we'll explore what it takes to deliver excellence to all segments of your customers and workforce, especially those that are typically overlooked, marginalized, and under-resourced. Using the Baldrige Framework, we will “circle the puck” by examining some specific applications within leadership, strategy, measurement and knowledge management, operations, and results from the perspective of culturally diverse customers and workforce.

Virtual Event from AME - Operationalizing Equity. 

Tuesday, June 6th, 9:00am

CultureBrokers defines equity as “results that do not differ by race, ethnicity, culture, and other meaningful differences.” Interpreted in this way, equity moves from an abstract and amorphous concept toward a practical, structured effort. In this session, we will share how you can operationalize equity using this definition via three big objectives: Proving Commitment, Leveraging Structure and Being Disciplined. We will explore some key principles and related actions in support of these objectives which can ultimately become a living, valuable part of the way your organization behaves. Finally, we will crosswalk this with the Baldrige DEI criteria so you can see how these support each other. 

AME Annual International Conference, 2023

October 30th - November 2nd

Hosted at the Huntington Convention Center, AME Cleveland 2023 will focus on engagement, sustainability, industry 4.0, lean fundamentals and leadership. Learn from organizations that are keeping employees, customers, their communities and the environment in mind.

See excellence in action on local tours and engage with fellow continuous improvement practitioners during presentations and interactive sessions. Hear from inspiring keynote speakers, grow your professional network and much more.


We are excited to have you as part of the AME San Francisco Bay Area Consortium and look forward to the opportunity to share, learn and grow with your organization.


E&J Gallo Winery

El Camino Health


Kaiser Permanente - North Valley Sacramento Region


Stanford Medicine Children's Health

UCSF Medical Center

UCSF University

Veriflo/Parker Hannifin